Month: September 2015


As I’ve said numerous times, Sundays are days where everything is closed. Thankfully, though, this doesn’t extend to coffee shops. That means Sundays are for leisurely strolls, being pleasantly surprised when you do find an open shop, and enjoying the company of good friends over what should be (but totally isn’t) way too much coffee. Because, let’s be honest, you can’t have too much good coffee. You just can’t. Read the Post Sunday Coffee Break


Sometimes you want a home-cooked meal.

Sometimes you want to make something more special.

Sometimes you realize you’re an idiot and can do both simply by changing the bread and the plate it is served on. Read the Post Short and Sweet: Episode 022


A few months back, Memere arrived for a visit. I may have been a bit excited. You may not have noticed…but I’m honestly not sure how that would be possible.

Well, Oma is coming! We’re going to see the sights, walk more than I ever thought possible, try and sneak in a river tour, and have a complete blast! Read the Post Countdown to Oma


First thing this morning, I had the most interesting conversation with The Huzz. It was brief, amusing, and pulled all my heartstrings in just the right way. Basically, it was the best way to wake up in the history of ever. Read the Post Stop! Potty time!