Winter in Berlin

This winter has been confusing. I’m convinced Mother Nature is having hot flashes because that’s the only thing which could explain the volatile weather. At Christmas, the weather had warmed to the point where we no longer needed our heavy winter coats. We were wearing thin, autumn jackets over our cozy sweaters and only adding scarves on the off-chance the wind was too biting. Bam-Bam had only worn his crazy one-piece snow suit twice!

This was Boxing Day. There were BLOOMS...and then winter laughed at the trees' arrogance.
This was Boxing Day. There were BLOOMS…and then winter laughed at the trees’ arrogance.

We went on vacation, thinking nothing of it. We’d checked prolonged weather forecasts and packed hats but were otherwise unfazed. So, of course, when we returned winter reared her head and slapped us for our insolence. We came back to -11° C. That’s only 12° F before the wind chill. Bam-Bam was a human popsicle. Even wrapped in my scarf and wearing my hat on top of his, he chattered and complained. The poor thing was convinced he’d never be warm again.

Brandenburg Tor on a lightly snowing evening.
Brandenburg Tor on a lightly snowing evening.

I went to fetch The Mutt from his own private holiday and was caught in a mild snow storm the next day. But when the snow calmed and settled, the wind picked up and worsened. The two of us walked through ice patches and returned home shivering, despite me putting a shawl on The Mutt to help. Two days later, the sun shone clear and strong. It thawed anything left over and reminded us just how beautiful the city was before changing its mind almost immediately and hiding for another week straight. We ended up with more snow, more ice, and definitely more demand for tea, coffee, and hot cocoa.

Our first sled rides were a wild success!
Our first sled rides (EVER!) were a wild success!

Today, the snow is once again gone. The ice has finally cleared, too. The sidewalks are a wee bit safer to walk upon with running shoes as the only thing sticking to the cobblestones and pavement now is small stones to add grip to the standard sheet of ice. Bam-Bam is still wearing his snow suit but only because it is easier to manage than the broken zipper on his other coat.

Enjoying the tram ride to school now that we can wear light-up rain boots.
Enjoying the tram ride to school now that we can wear light-up rain boots.

I’m prepared, though; a new 3-in-1 coat is on its way and big enough to last all of 2016. Wish me luck on that one, though, because I had to buy three pairs of sneakers for him in 2015 just to keep up with his growth. He hasn’t seen them yet, but I’m sure the last pair will win me the “Coolest Mom Ever” award. He’s going to be so thrilled to wear Spiderman shoes everyday. Let’s just hope we can convince him to take them off for bedtime!


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[Feature Image: Fashion Mutt knows how bring all the ladies to their knees in winter. Say it with him, “Awwwwwww! How cute!”]

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