Short and Sweet: Episode 31

Remember when I wondered aloud what Mother Nature was thinking? Well, the volatile weather struck again as we had SURPRISE SNOW!

It’s been so warm out lately I opted to wait until next year to buy The Mutt a winter coat. Of course, that meant it was only a matter of time before the weather laughed at my attempt at logic. The poor dog waited for me patiently (for once) outside our local corner shop whilst I ran in for carrots and snack-sized tomatoes. I was so impressed with him for being well-behaved as I purchased those groceries that I rushed outside to greet him with cuddles. My giant pride-born smile instantly faded as I saw the first few snow flakes drift down.

That’s when the layers of Mommy Guilt hit me. (Mommy Guilt is totally a real thingI swear.)

I’d just tied my short-haired, single coated Weimaraner to a tree outside to wait for me…in the snow. 

Then I remembered it was Field Trip Day at Bam-Bam’s Kita and they had gone to a new playground to play outside.

I didn’t provide gloves for my son to play outside…in the snow.

It’s official. This parenting gig, whether of humans or of dogs, is hard. And, as I’ve now learned, I’m rather crap at it.


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