European Adventures 2015: Part One

This past year saw us embark upon lots of miniature adventures. One of our favourites, though, was visiting family in The Netherlands while Oma was in town.

This is where The Huzz grew up...I might be a bit jealous. Maybe. Only a little. Okay, this just looks awesome.
This is where The Huzz grew up…I’m totally not jealous. Okay, maybe. Only a little, though. Oh, never mind; this looks awesome.

Bam-Bam had a blast and it was lovely seeing everyone again. We seemed to travel all over the place during our trip; we visited Amsterdam for a day, The Huzz’s old hometown, Oma’s old hometown, and The Efteling (HA! Just kidding…here it is in English.) We fed chickens, talked to cows, walked along canals, picked apples, fed fish, looked at giant slugs, talked to ducks, and had an overall great time.

This isn't a slug, it's a mutated legless horse! WHY IS IT SO BIG!?
This isn’t a slug, it’s a mutated legless horse! WHY IS IT SO BIG!?


May not be the intended use...but it sure is fun!
May not be the intended use…but it sure is fun!

That doesn’t even begin to describe the amount of fun we had at the family reunion! Bam-Bam met cousins he didn’t even know existed. We traipsed about a playground and park that was utterly massive (There were multiple zip lines! There was a moat-wrapped castle!) “Fun” doesn’t even come close to describing it all. Plus, there was food; don’t forget it was the Appelfeest! I know a certain toddler enjoyed himself so much that he napped on a blanket despite the chaos and laughter around him.

Photo by the ever lovely Valérie.
Photo by the ever-lovely Valérie.

Some of my favourite moments were when we were visiting North Brabant, an area of the country I’d yet to visit. We all went to “The Woods” one day and I was in shock at what I’d found when we arrived. It was nothing like what I’m envisioned when I heard the words “The Woods”. It was barren and very much alive all at once and the beauty of that juxtaposition was breath-taking.

Racing after everyone in his brand new light-up rain boots.
Racing after everyone in his brand new light-up rain boots.

De Loonse en Drunense Duinen is a national park where the sand dunes are the star attraction. The trees around you aren’t short; they’re buried. You can only see the top of the canopies.

More than meets the eye...
More than meets the eye…


Even the sky here was utterly beautiful.
Even the sky here was utterly beautiful.

I was enthralled by this area even though it was such a small part of a much bigger picture. A storm was rolling in, though, so we didn’t stay out in the open all that long. Plus, Bam-Bam was getting tired and hungry. We ended the excitement with cold beers for the adults and a Fristi for my favourite toddler adventurer. At this point, we had already been in The Netherlands for a few days and had learned that this drink held a very, very special place in Bam-Bam’s heart. The Huzz tried to claim childhood without drinking Fristis isn’t worth having so I tried a few during our trip. Blech. 

…Must be a Dutch thing.


[All imagery links back to the source where I found it through Google Image Search with the exception of my own images.]

[Thank you again to Valérie for her amazing photography skills. She took lots more but her ability to perfectly capture that particular moment means the world to me.]

[Feature Image: Adventure time with Tante in a found fort at “The Woods”.]


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