Adult Snack Time

Bam-Bam has issues with his tonsils and gets tonsillitis quite often. This time, he was sick for almost a full week causing Mommy-Care to be in full effect. When he finally began to feel better, I celebrated my new freedom with a trip to the grocery store.

Even when he's sick, his snuggles are top notch.
Even when he’s sick, his snuggles are top notch.

Awwww yeah…I know how to party.

After buying what felt like the entire store’s contents, I loaded up my Old Lady Cart and backpack before turning down a side street to walk around. It may sound silly, but I was relishing my brief freedom even though I was hefting a week’s worth of wine, two 1.5L bottles of sparkling water, and a 1L carton of multi-vitamin juice on my back in an excellent pack mule impression. As I walked, I took note of a playground to explore another day, a toy store I definitely need to check out (there was a giant dragon backpack in the window!), and a tea shop before stopping and getting a quick snack I wouldn’t have to share.

Cafe CK knows how to make blueberry tart. Mmmm...
Cafe CK knows how to make blueberry cake. Mmmm…

It was glorious. Great coffee, even better cake, and I didn’t have to worry about anyone running off while I wasn’t looking…or spilling anything in their efforts to steal a bite from my plate. Thanks, Saturday afternoon, for giving me a warm diversion from the monotony and a great excuse to eat cake without sharing.



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