Short and Sweet: Episode 033

Getting around Berlin without a car means a lot of walking and a lot of public transit. It is healthy, efficient, and tends to be pretty fast, too. But, doing this with a toddler also means super human upper arm strength because: “Mommy, carry me!”

Sometimes, I can sneak a break with a quick bribe from a bakery. Bam-Bam loves to choose his own treat even though, if available, it will forever and always be a glazed doughnut. Recently, though, he got an extra surprise when we went to a bakery on our way home and was given a gift from the woman behind the counter.

Capri-Sun fan for life!
Capri Sun fan for life!

True to form, it was completely empty before we reached the first street corner (handy, since that’s where the trash can was) and I was informed of this with a curt, “Here, Mom. I need another one.” Thanks to the kindness of a local stranger, though, my suspicions were confirmed. Bam-Bam is entirely too cute. …And he knows it. 

So far, he has yet to realize the true potential of this ability. He seems to only use his powers to get new toys and pastries. Now that he’s branched out to juice, though, it’s just a matter of time.

First Step: pastries.

Second Step: free juice.

Next Step: world domination…or at least more playgrounds.


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