About American Me

Hi, I’m Maggs and I’m a new American Expat. I live in the throbbing heart of Berlin after spending the last few years living admist farming country in Central Florida and it is one hell of a difference!

American MeI love buildings, good food, loud music, adding the letter U to words (I’m normal, I swear), wearing layers, and sleeping children. Spare seconds in the day are spent reading comics, playing video games, cheering the Bruins from afar, and reveling in all things nerdy. There are definite soft spots in my heart for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, the original Star Wars trilogy, Batman, and kittens. (Because: kittens!)

The city has helped to feed my love of walking and expanded my appreciation of history from more than just an architectural timeline. Despite not knowing much German, I’m incredibly chatty and enjoy making new friends. If you see me on the tram, feel free to say hello! You’ll recognize me from my constant companion, The Mutt, or the pained look on my face when my son, Bam-Bam, sweetly demands cookies just to hurl them to the floor.

Want to meet the entourage that makes me who I am? Go forth toward The Entourage for entirely too much information! You’ve been warned, People. I’m a sharer.