The Entourage

The Huzz


He’s the reason we moved and the love of my life. We’ve been together since 2000 so we’ve seen a lot together at this point. If there are fantastic photos accompanying posts (and they don’t have disclaimers or give shout outs to their owners), thank this guy. Otherwise, yeah, my thumb was totally cropped out of that.



Our very own miniature person, this little guy is in for an amazing journey. His likes include hugs and getting what he wants. His dislikes include time-outs and getting out of the bath tub. He already says “nein” more than “no” and accompanies all requests with a happy “bitte” in hopes of getting his way, so we are furiously trying to stay ahead of his learning curve. We love him to pieces and are firmly wrapped around his toddler fingers.

The Mutt


A giant of a Weimaraner, we adopted him when he was just barely a puppy at 1.5 years old. He dislikes frost on the ground, doesn’t care so much about falling snow, and frolics gleefully like a puppy when there is snow accumulated on the ground. He has severe separation anxiety after the 10 hour flight here and so he is almost always with me. Yes, he’s big. In fact, he’s huge. …But he loves kids and will let them pet him without any problems, is friendly and patient, and will love you forever if you have treats. Just please don’t try and ride him; he reserves being a jungle gym solely for Bam-Bam.