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The Netherlands was more than just gorgeous sand dunes. As I’d mentioned before, we also visited some old familial haunts before checking out The Efteling. Bam-Bam did so much exploring and playing during this trip, I think he temporarily forgot what reality was. Read the Post European Adventures 2015: Part Two


We’ve begun a new training regimen with The Mutt. Every morning, we leave as a group to get my favourite dog to used to everyone leaving him alone and then returning. It is a slow process and an arduous one. Read the Post Morning Classes


Recently, Bam-Bam decided to undergo some body augmentation. This was against my better judgement and repeated reminders to be careful. Thankfully, he is healing nicely and no-worse-for-wear but in the course of events, I couldn’t help but notice some stark differences to the system I’m familiar with and the system with which we are currently enrolled. In a way, it was my own real life Spot The Difference Game. Read the Post Differences in Emergency Healthcare


With many things, busy is good. Life keeping you busy? You’re still kicking! Work keeping you busy! You’re still employed! Over time, we forget that sometimes we need the quiet moments.

Too much “busy” can be stressful. Too much “busy” can make you forgetful. Too much “busy” can force your quiet moments into nonexistence. Read the Post The Downside of Busy…


A few months back, Memere arrived for a visit. I may have been a bit excited. You may not have noticed…but I’m honestly not sure how that would be possible.

Well, Oma is coming! We’re going to see the sights, walk more than I ever thought possible, try and sneak in a river tour, and have a complete blast! Read the Post Countdown to Oma