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Soup weather has rolled into town with a vengeance. I’m thrilled because, to be totally honest, soup is amazing. Good soup becomes great soup the next day and great soup becomes utterly spell-binding the next day. It’s like magic. Read the Post Suppe Zeit!


As I’ve said numerous times, Sundays are days where everything is closed. Thankfully, though, this doesn’t extend to coffee shops. That means Sundays are for leisurely strolls, being pleasantly surprised when you do find an open shop, and enjoying the company of good friends over what should be (but totally isn’t) way too much coffee. Because, let’s be honest, you can’t have too much good coffee. You just can’t. Read the Post Sunday Coffee Break


Sometimes you want a home-cooked meal.

Sometimes you want to make something more special.

Sometimes you realize you’re an idiot and can do both simply by changing the bread and the plate it is served on. Read the Post Short and Sweet: Episode 022