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Recently, Bam-Bam decided to undergo some body augmentation. This was against my better judgement and repeated reminders to be careful. Thankfully, he is healing nicely and no-worse-for-wear but in the course of events, I couldn’t help but notice some stark differences to the system I’m familiar with and the system with which we are currently enrolled. In a way, it was my own real life Spot The Difference Game. Read the Post Differences in Emergency Healthcare


Most days are pretty mundane. The routine really helps with having a toddler and a Stage Five Clinger of a dog but it doesn’t lend itself to a lot of excitement. I like to get my thrills in the form of getting groceries in person. I know, I know…I’m a wild one. Read the Post So Much for Sunday Funday


I brought Bam-Bam into Kita earlier this week and had the opportunity to see other parents with whom I rarely talk. It was a nice break from the normal routine but it was also crazy to juggle everything which needed doing into my suddenly shorter days. I think one of the highlights, though, was being told my another mom that her daughter had mentioned Bam-Bam’s German was beginning to really come together. Read the Post Progressing Nicely