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Recently, Bam-Bam decided to undergo some body augmentation. This was against my better judgement and repeated reminders to be careful. Thankfully, he is healing nicely and no-worse-for-wear but in the course of events, I couldn’t help but notice some stark differences to the system I’m familiar with and the system with which we are currently enrolled. In a way, it was my own real life Spot The Difference Game. Read the Post Differences in Emergency Healthcare


Most days are pretty mundane. The routine really helps with having a toddler and a Stage Five Clinger of a dog but it doesn’t lend itself to a lot of excitement. I like to get my thrills in the form of getting groceries in person. I know, I know…I’m a wild one. Read the Post So Much for Sunday Funday


I brought Bam-Bam into Kita earlier this week and had the opportunity to see other parents with whom I rarely talk. It was a nice break from the normal routine but it was also crazy to juggle everything which needed doing into my suddenly shorter days. I think one of the highlights, though, was being told my another mom that her daughter had mentioned Bam-Bam’s German was beginning to really come together. Read the Post Progressing Nicely


With many things, busy is good. Life keeping you busy? You’re still kicking! Work keeping you busy! You’re still employed! Over time, we forget that sometimes we need the quiet moments.

Too much “busy” can be stressful. Too much “busy” can make you forgetful. Too much “busy” can force your quiet moments into nonexistence. Read the Post The Downside of Busy…


Soup weather has rolled into town with a vengeance. I’m thrilled because, to be totally honest, soup is amazing. Good soup becomes great soup the next day and great soup becomes utterly spell-binding the next day. It’s like magic. Read the Post Suppe Zeit!